Usually I’m more of a blue/green person, but I love my pink blouse!

Hey everyone,

Again, I’ve been in training for the past two weeks but have a few favorites outfits I want to share.  First, as the title says, I’m really more of a blue/green person….pink has slowly but surely crept into a big role in my wardrobe.  Hot pink more than anything!  I am also including a picture of a (younger), more stylish colleague of mine.  Her and I wore a similar outfit this day….Royal color button up and black/white/tweedish on bottom.  I also love her earrings because they are one of my favorite designers (sometimes because of the name), Kendra Scott.  Here are both outfits…enjoy!

 Kendra’s Outfit

Work pink

Shirt: the Limited, found here: Pink Ashton Shirt

Skirt: the Limited, old but VERY similar here: Patterned Skirt

Watch: Michele, old but can be ordered here: Michele Two Toned Watch

Black Heels: Kelly & Katie, purchased at DSW and found here:  Black Comfy Heels

Rachel’s Outfit


Shirt: Express, found here: Green Portofino Shirt

Pants: Express: found here: Light Tweed Editor Pant

Earrings: Kendra Scott, old but similar here: Green Earrings


Outfits for Work…it’s important!

I’ve always had such issues with picking out work outfits. Casual Fridays? How casual can you really be? Or how can you mix it up between pants, skirts, dresses, etc.? Also….I would love to wear heels to work, but it is impossible to get my 10,000 steps per day in heels. My company actually has a sign at the bottom of the 4 floor staircase that says ‘No heels on stairs’….for real? I do get that panic in me when I start going down the stairs in heels and someone is behind me trying to go fast…do I risk twisting my ankle so someone can make it to their meeting on time? Or do I just take it slow and look like the a**hole holding everyone up on the stairs because I want to be fashionable? What’s the hashtag? #firstworldproblems …..  nope #fashionhurts

This girl has definitely taken some hints from Pinterest in the ‘work outfits’ category and have found a great section in Nordstrom that has brands like Trouve and Ro & De that combine function and fashion at a semi reasonable price. the Limited and Express are still go to’s for the basics and sometimes splurge on a nice pair of pants at Banana Republic or JCrew. H & M and Zara also help me with the trends without killing my paycheck.

So I’ve been in training for the past week causing me to be behind on outfits, but here are 3 of my favorites from last week and today:


Casual Friday

Shirt: theLimited found here 

Jeans: Levi’s Demi Fit

Jacket: old

Necklace: old


Simple lace, camel, and a pop of pink!  

Shirt: the Limited found here

Skinny, ankle crops: old, Banana Republic.  Similar here

Scarf: old, Target


Red and Animal Print

Black peplum shirt: old, the Limited

Skirt: old, the Limited

Belt: the Limited, found here

Heels: old, Nine West

Beach Day Outfit….yes, beach in WI!!


Shirt, shorts, and sunglasses: Old Navy
-Sunglasses, found at store

Shoes: Dolce Vita, found here

Bikini: Target found here

Cheers to the sun!!


My first fashion post! Fancy, funky florals!

Fancy, funky florals!Fancy,funky florals!

I’m super excited for the floral trend to be so in right now! Unfortunately, I think I’ve overloaded on them.

Hat: Target, similar here

Dress: Missguided,

Chain Bracelet: Charming Charlies

Spike Bracelet: Nordstrom

Flats: BCBGeneration found at DSW, similar here,cat20068,dsw12cat2250010

Earrings: thelimited similar here

Up and running again!

The post I just published was from May 2011!  it was good so I thought I’d share.  


I’m going to be starting a blog (this one) that will show my outfit ideas, sometimes food, and overall thoughts.  Hope you like it!! 

Vietnam:From Steel to Real Estate and Capital Markets…..

Post from May 2011!

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”-Thomas H. Palmer.

Bet you all didn’t know who that quote originated from.  Well, I didn’t either, but it came to mind when first hearing about the International Residency Program to Vietnam.  Originally, my fellow classmates and I, that are headed to Vietnam in May, knew only about a steel company looking to enter into a joint venture in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Little did we know that plans had changed and factors in working with emerging markets are a little uncertain (when I say a little, I mean A LOT).

Then there’s real estate. In our first meeting with Professsor Nam Pham, we learned about our new project, which includes researching the real estate market in Vietnam and surrounding areas, but also looking at its capital markets.  While we faced a huge setback, the 24 of us have hit the ground running.

To get an idea of who I am……

My name is Kendra Singh and I am a first year MBA at GW.  I have a background in sales in the healthcare industry.  I decided to go back to school to focus on Marketing and International Business, with hopes of getting back into the healthcare industry.  I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio (which some of my fellow students like to poke fun at).  Either way, this project really excites me because I think Asia is a great place to learn about business.  Although I do not know much about capital markets and real estate in a foreign country, I came to school for the opportunity to be challenged and learn.  As of right now, I am working in two different groups within our project.   One group focusing on investment funds in Vietnam and the other analyzing the overall real estate supply and demand.  Professor Pham says I’m ‘hedging my bets’, but I am really just interested in both!

Over the course of this project, I am hoping we can get the professor to guest blog, but for now I will share some great quotes from him.  One being, “I oops a lot” and the other “I scream because I’m short.” The context is not needed, its just plain funny.  I have a feeling there will be many more along the way, but already I think a lot of us can tell , on this assignment, we will be learning and laughing a lot.  More of the latter, I hope.

Goals of the Vietnam group: Learn, Laugh, Eat, Pray, Visas, and Vietnamese.

My fellow bloggers for Rio, Istanbul, Sweden, Ghana, and Serbia….looking forward to hearing yours!